Summit Introduction

ICT South Africa 2016 will be the most important gathering of public sector officials and private sector industry leaders in 2016. The summit will leverage the government’s official policy, “Operation Phakisa”, to unlock South Africa’s economic potential and ensure that huge cross-sector ICT investment delivers faster and more effective results.

The key to the success of ICT South Africa 2016 is the predominantly meetings-based format of the summit. Private sector partners will have the opportunity to participate through booking pre-scheduled meetings of their choosing with federal and provincial government officials and key civil society stakeholders.

“Operation Phakisa is the most important initiative by government to bring the private and public sectors together. A wonderful opportunity for contributing towards South African prosperity.”
HE President Jacob Zuma

“We need to harness Information and Communication Technology so that it can transform the world of education. We have to produce knowledge workers that can steer Africa’s integration into the global economy.”
Hon Minister Dr Siyabonga Cwele

ICT Infrastructure

ICT South Africa 2016 is held under the official patronage of the Department of Telecommunications & Postal Services (DTPS) whose vision is to ensure that South Africa is a global leader in the development and use of information and communication technologies for socio-economic advancement. South Africans regard high-speed, affordable internet access as a basic human right necessary in today’s global village.

The DTPS is at the heart of delivering on this promise and ensuring that the South African government works in partnership with the private sector to deliver to the masses. The DTPS will play a lead role in ensuring that industry partners get pre-scheduled meeting time with key government officials as part of the main summit agenda. Furthermore the department is committed to ensuring greater rural connectivity and the participation of youth through technology. Technology has become so integral to socio-economic development such that no tangible positive development can be achieved and sustained without the effective use of ICTs.

South Africans must have access to the most modern communications tools and services and the DTPS is prioritising its programs with industry partners to ensure fast, reliable, secure and affordable internet. All private sector operators, with an interest, are strongly encouraged to participate in the summit and partake in pre-booked meetings with the minister, deputy minister and key departmental officials.

Operation Phakisa

  • Operation Phakisa aims to accelerate execution of the National Development Plan and was first publicly detailed in the 2014 State of the Nation Address by President Zuma. It is an innovative program that brings together, for the first time, many stakeholders to deliver direct results from public and private sector collaboration.

  • Phakisa in Sesotho means “hurry up” and currently has three main streams – education, health and the oceans economy. Hence, ICT South Africa 2016 will include invitations to the departments of basic education, health and environmental affairs. Further invitations will be made to multiple stakeholders across South Africa including MECs from the nine Provinces and leading civil society institutions.

  • Operation Phakisa is about unlocking South Africa’s full economic potential and the leveraging of information and communications technology is the key to realising that potential. The importance of ICT South Africa 2016 to all those who wish to make the most of Operation Phakisa cannot be understated. We strongly encourage industry  participation to ensure that your business is part of the first wave of projects and opportunities borne out of this key government initiative.

“The conversation is at a level where ministers, permanent secretaries and
directors of ICT 
are able to interact and take action immediately.”
Suresh Subramanian, Worldwide VP & General Manager Industry Solutions – HP

Format & Pre-Scheduled Meetings

ICT South Africa 2016 will take over 3 days. Day 1 is for pre-event set-up registration and welcome reception for all attending delegates from both the public and private sectors.

The summit begins in earnest on day 2. After a morning of keynote presentations explaining the government’s ICT infrastructure development and the main programs of Operation Phakisa – the afternoons of day 2 & 3 are devoted to pre-scheduled meetings between industry and public sector leaders and officials.

The success and importance of AfricanBrains organised events is the guarantee of pre-scheduled meetings for all our industry delegates, partners and exhibitors. Only a limited number of companies are able to participate within each sector, thus ensuring the value of having pre-scheduled meetings is not diluted. Every company that participates will be able to book meetings with the government department, province or institution of their choosing.

Prior to the start of the event all industry partners, exhibitors and delegates will have access to our online scheduling system to personally choose their preferred meetings, creating their own personalised agenda for the event.

“AfricanBrains have brought to meetings what mass production brought to the automotive industry. Outstanding!”
Fasil Bekele, Director of Public Private Alliances – Microsoft

Our Partners

Partnership, Exhibiting & Branding

  • ICT South Africa 2016 offers an outstanding choice of different options to companies, allowing you to select the appropriate package that best suits your needs and meets your objectives. The benefits include a variety of options for exhibiting, branding and securing preferential meeting slots with senior government officials. Imaginative branding options are available to showcase companies throughout the course of the event.

  • Branding is throughout the venue on screens and banners, on our website and the option for inclusion in the AfricanBrains newsletter plus branding and profiles on all printed material including the summit guide and agenda. Please see the ‘Participation Options’ document for the best partnership or exhibiting package to suit your needs as well as additional options to enhance your exposure at the summit.

“It’s very important for us to meet with Ministries and high-level delegations – to talk to them first hand,
and show them what we have. The set-up that AfricanBrains provides does exactly that.”

Batoul Ajlouni, VP Business Development – Integrated Technology Group

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